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Lul, so school went pretty well today. Our group presentation in English could’ve been a bit more organized and we could’ve been more prepared overall (as I believe personally), but we did alright still.

"…but the groundhogs were still doing their thing and the teacher gave us top score, so eh." <— IS HOW OUR PRESENTATION WENT.

And after class, my English teacher was complimenting me on my communication and presentation skills and how I didn’t seem nervous at all up there, blah blah blah. >:I

My History report was lultastic, though.
I totally completely utterly DESTROYED my partner and regulated the SHIT out of him and my report, and my report even sparked some conversation and discussion amongst the teacher and the class, lul, and I never really expected that it would. That was really nice. c:
Gaaahhhhhh, and then we finished up the rest of the Blood Diamonds documentary, and I’m super squeamish, so I hardly watched it. Mutilated limbs and REAL BLOOD and REAL GORE everywhere!! It was so nasty, I— GWAAAHHHHHHHH— I just doodled and wrote in my notebook. D;

And I got my math homework done for the week, too, whoohoo! :D!

Which means that I now technically have the rest of the day off, WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!! :D!!!

Lul, and so many people are nice to me on the bus and trolley. This makes me very happy. c:

Oh, and Pumbaa’s been having nosebleeds for the past few days now. :c
His nosebleeds have been less violent, however, and he’s gradually losing less blood and getting better overall. My Pumbaa will get better soon— yes! c:!

So now, I’mma roam the internet and search for lemon recipes so I can bake stuff with Mon tomorrow at his house and be happy children and I am a happy child right now, lalalalalala. :3

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