I haven’t updated since Monday, ohai. c:

So Mon and I are still sick, bah, but we’re both much closer to getting better than before— much MUCH better. :3

We went ice-skating on Tuesday! It was so much fun. As soon as I got out of my class (my mom took me to class), I went straight up to Mon’s! We ate and chilled for a while, as we were sick-er then, and then we went ice-skating at Horton Plaza! We have season-passes, too! It was so much fun. We didn’t eat it, hehe, and we actually skated quite well. After skating, we went back to his house, picked up some food, and then dipped back to my Palm Avenue, where my mom picked me up from the trolley station, and then I passed out as soon as I got back home, lul.

On Wednesday, my momma came with me to school to pay off some debts that I had, and now that they’re all paid off, I registered for my classes, hoorah! I showed my mom the botanical gardens, too, hehe. I felt like I didn’t do as well on my math quiz, though, and it’s the very last quiz of the semester, oi. English was fun, though, even though I just kind of died in it. In the lab, we had to just write up some gifts-from-the-heart kind of list, and when I gave mine to my teacher, I think he was moved by my list or something and told me that he really likes me smile lolwat and I left. I met up with Mon at the H Street trolley station, and we went straight to Downtown to go ice-skating again, yay! This time, we ate it, lul, but we still had a lot of fun! Ah, and then we went to the library and I turned in my book and got my next one, and then we went to his house, grabbed some food, and back to Palm Avenue where my momma took me home from there. Good day! :3!

Yesterday, I didn’t eat that much, kekeke. But my sister and her boyfriend and my Uncle Jun and Auntie Cathy and my li’l cousin Jesse showed up, and we had lunch at my Auntie Suzette’s house, om nom nom. I didn’t eat that much, and I didn’t push myself to eat, THANK GOSH, and I mostly just sat around and listened to my mom and sister talk, and then I sat around and read my book while I waited to go home, lalala. We got home around 4-ish, and I busted my ass into my room and changed my outfit and packed my purse and grabbed the lemon grass and food and dippedddd and my momma took me to Mon’s! Mon and I had a mini-Thanksgiving away from the rest of his family, ‘cause the Thanksgivings there are normally not very happy ones. So we ate the food that I brought, lul. And things got 8, and 8-ly made 40s were produced EVERYWHERE, and it got 40’d up, and it was really warm. Later, Mon told me that the windows were completely steamed up, HAHAHAH. Butyes. I told Mon that I’d be with him for Thanksgiving, and I upheld that.

Today, Mon and I were supposed to go ice-skating again. But I brought up some lemon cake, ‘cause I forgot to bring it yesterday, and we got super distracted and wound up eating and getting food and watching History of the World instead, bahahahah. Funny movie, hehe. But then it was getting late and I had to go, so we managed to hitch a ride on the bus with my crippled pass, refilled at the trolley station, and rode the Orange to Downtown, then on the Blue home for my momma to pick me up again.

And now I’m wondering what to do with my lifeeeee. I should be doing homework, but I’m such a lazy kitten— I feel like just reading instead, but I should do homework or else I wind up doing it at the last minute the night before it’s due, and then turn it in online around midnight, ughhhh, that’s my routine. c:

I’m a lazy kitten right now. I don’t wanna do anything, whawhawhaaaa.

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